Favicon google Yang Baru

Diposting oleh Admin Blogger Surabaya on Minggu, 13 Desember 2009

Seperti biasa , tiada hari tanpa Google. Saya tadi pagi menggunakan jasa google untuk mencari sesuatu. Dan ternyata Favicon dari Google berubah. Seperti yang tertulis oleh Marissa Mater pada Official Blog Google - Tentang perubahan Favicon :

We hope you like the new Favicon, which nicely integrates all of our original criteria: distinctive in shape, noticiable, colorfull, timeless, and scalable to other sizes.

While I'm sure we will update it again, we also hope our new favicon inspired by Andre is a warm, collorfull beacon to google on your browser tabs and bookmarks. A big thank you to Andre, Hadi, Lucian, And Yusuf, as well as all of the other people who helped us define our new look in a uniquely user-driven way!

Semoga layanan Google tetap Oke selalu...

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